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We bought a baby french bulldog that was misbehaving.  We had a virtual phone consultation with Nancy who gave us some helpful advice and suggestions. We have already started putting these into place and they are already starting to work. Thankyou

Carol Moody and Bruce


This evening we had an online consult with Nancy and wow, we are absolutely blown away! She has an incredible knowledge of dogs and the potential reasons behind why a dog would behave as they do. Instantly we felt at ease, reassured and supported in the decisions we were making.  It was clear Nancy cared about us and our dog as the consultation was tailored completely to our needs, rather than just a general discussion.  Nancy provided real life analogies and situations to help us truly understand what our dog could be experiencing. Nancy has provided us with a wealth of activities, ideas and suggestions without a) breaking the bank and b) changing our entire daily routine.  We cannot recommend her enough ! Hayley,Ethan and Chester


“Nancy has helped us alot. Stella is now behaving in a calmer relaxed way and I feel confident when we meet new small dogs!."  ​

Simon Henstock, Stella's Owner



“Fantastic lady, highly recommend, excellent rates."  ​

Gemma Armstrong, Fizz's Owner


Dog Behaviourist

“What a fantastic/beautiful person, who is great at her job. Diesel loves you"  ​​


Anita Woods, Diesel's Owner

Dog Behaviourist

“Prince is a happier more relaxed dog no more shadow chasing and barking at the window...heaven!."  ​

Ally Clifford

and Prince 


Dog Trainer, calm canines wiltshire

“Would like to say how amazing you were with Oscar and BenG, we're getting there with them, your tips really work thank you so much."  ​

Helen Donovan, Oscar and BenG's Owner


Dog Training
dog training calm canines wiltshire

What a fab lady Nancy is she really helped my dog Bailey and I would highly recommend. 


Laura Travener, Bailey's Owner

calm canines wiltshire dog behaviour

I would give this lady a 1000 stars
Brilliant knows her stuff recommend this lady any day of the week you got prob with your best friend give her a call.


Sally Bullock 


Thanks for your professional help.
After seeing you twice we have achieved so much with our westie.Nancy explains everything in detail and is truly dedicated to her job
Thank you so much for all your advice


Roy and Valerie evans Bonnie and Petal's Owner

calm canines Wiltshire

Thank you for visiting us at the weekend. Appreciated the positive reinforcement advice, it made a lot of sense.


Saadia Thomson

Calm canines wiltshire

Nancy's helped me with my anxious dog Alfie. She's an absolute pleasure to spend time with, everything she says and suggests makes total sense and we've seen real progress as a result. Would recommend her to anyone who is struggling!

Laura and Alfie

Hi had this little puppy called fluffy trained by calm canines and have to say she's a different little girl. :)

Mark Connor and Fluffy

Calm canines wiltshire

“Great advice given from Nancy about my British Bulldog Duchess. She's a nervous girl but with Nancy's advice she's certainly improving, highly recommended :)"  ​

Louise Ella Tan, Duchess's Owner


Dog Behaviour

We cant thank Nancy enough for all her suggestions and ideas, after only 1 visit we are seeing real improvements and we're sure that before long Ted will become a calmer, more confident boy. 

Thanks again for everything

Claire, David and Ted

Hi Nancy, just to say, once again - THANKYOU! It's lovely to have someone from 'outside' to look in and give advice.  I will now stop putting so much pressure on me and Tess to be 'normal' and try and accept what I have, which is a lovely dog who is happy to sit by my feet and play with her chosen friends.  Will doubtlessly be in touch again.  Love Debbie

Debbie and Tess

dog, behaviour, positive, renforcement, training,
Dog, canine, behaviour, positive, Trowbridge, Melksham, Devizes, Warminster

It was a pleasure to meet Nancy.  She came out with us while we walked our staffie Rocky, who we had problems with reactive behaviour towards other dogs.  Nancy was very calm and explained what we should do to help him cope with stressful situations.  We went away a few days after the meeting and were able to put into practice all that Nancy had told us.  We had a great time camping in the new forest and Rocky was a star.

Susan Diamond and Rocky

My dog Pixel and I attended Nancy's dog training classes in Staverton.  The advice and training she gave  has made a huge difference to us and has made a much happier dog (and owner!) Pixel can now meet other dogs calmly which wouldn't have happened before training with Nancy.  Would highly recommend !

Eileen and Pixel

dog training dog behaviourist
dog training dog behaviourist

Max is on his third home and was struggling with anxiety and being calm around other dogs.  Thanks to Nancy's classes Max and I work much better together, I have more control and he is more focused.  The classes also meant that Max was ready to move on and start agility training.  Thankyou Nancy

Rachel and Max

Had a wonderful experience with Calm Canines.  Despite current coronavirus lockdown conditions we did a training consultation via Zoom and Nancy couldn't have been more helpful or wonderful.  Looking forward to implementing her advice and seeing some behavioural changes in my pup

Sam Ferris and Ruby

Nancy has been incredible with our cocker spaniel pup.  Not only has she help him with his recall, lead training and separation anxiety, she has also hugely helped us understand our puppy and his needs.  Nancy truly cares about the dogs she helps, and it really shows in her approach and manner to the dogs.  

We can't recommend Nancy enough and we are blown away by her knowledge and expertise and she has made the 'new puppy' phase so much easier to handle.  Thankyou !

Eve, Jamie and Otto

otto 2.JPG

I contacted Nancy having acquired our very first family dog...a rescued Greek hare hound called Jacob. He had some specific issues which had begun to impact our family including stealing food, pulling on walks and over enthusiastic play with our boys. We also wanted some guidance around recall.
Nancy responded very quickly to my initial enquiry, and I was pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the consultation was. Despite Jacob being very excited, this didn’t seem to phase Nancy at all, which put us at ease. She was able to swiftly identify and gently point out where we had been going wrong with Jacob and made some brilliant suggestions which we would never have thought of by ourselves. Nancy then went with us on a short walk and once again, was able to give us some ideas about what to do differently. Almost 3 months later and as a direct result of Nancy’s suggestions and advice, Jacob’s behaviour has really changed. He is generally calmer and less exciteable , much more focussed on walks, we can have our food in the same room as him, and perhaps the biggest breakthrough...we have now been able to let him off the lead for the runs he has been craving, secure in the knowledge that he will now return. Thank you Nancy! I would certainly recommend Nancy to anyone wanting help with their dogs behaviour.

Jane and Jacob

Dog trainers near me

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Nancy, thank you so much for your help with my lovely Golden Retriever boy. 


He was a bit anxious as a pup and needed some ‘kind' guidance along the way. 


You provided a structure that was kind to my Golden and enabled him to blossom. You were always promoting enrichment and distraction, as part of effective training, which I loved.

These approaches of yours, from a base of kindness and looking at ways to make problems easier, were so refreshing.


I have focused heavily on the word ‘kind’ in my comments - for our Retriever this was essential and you are naturally kind.


You are amazing and I am so very grateful for your hands on advice and the time you spend with us.


I would recommend you to anyone looking for effective dog training, delivered in a dog friendly way.


Best wishes


otto lynn.jpg

Molly (a rescue dog) came to me with various behavioural problems. Nancy was able to assess the situation, then recommend various strategies.  She works in a sensible yet compassionate way and now, 10 months later, Molly is a joyful little dog and I am her happy human !

Rosie and Molly

Rosie and Molly.jpg
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