A useful contact for anyone interested in trying massage, reiki or acupressure  I recommend Harriet Kitcat at www.physiomy.dog in  Frome.  Harriet is a Qualified Animal Physiotherapist and also offers Massage and Rehabilitation Therapies for your dog  

'Hands on treatment method that can enhance your dog's physical and mental wellbeing'

I only ever use  force free, positive, reinforcement training methods.  Animals learn better when they are relaxed and happy.  I do not believe in punishing for bad behaviour, but reinforcing good .  I truly believe in taking an holistic approach when helping with behavioural issues and do not believe in  merely suppressing  behaviours .  All dog's and their circumstances are different and I tailor training to suit the individual dog and their family, Mine is not a 'one size fits all 'approach.   I am always furthering my knowledge through both study and the wonderful dogs and their people that I meet.  I firmly believe you never stop learning and I have a passion to pass on my knowledge to you, the owner.


 I believe that helping owners to understand why their pet's behave the way they do is fundamental to helping change unwanted behaviours into positive ones.  Animals are great learners, I will teach you how to understand and train your dog and help them to reach their full learning potential and ultimately how to have a great bond and relationship with your best friend. 



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