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1-2-1 Behavioural and Training Consults

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Depending on you and your dog's needs I can offer 1-2-1 training and behavioural sessions.  These involve me visiting you at home and work well with any issues outside the home such as pulling on the lead, lead reactivity and recall.  It is often worth working with your dog through a video consult first to build on confidence and lower stress levels before going outside to work on focus and calmness.  

I will guide you through the process and training needed to help you and your dog.  I also offer free follow up phonecalls and ongoing support throughout. 

I offer Behavioural, Basic Training, Rescue and Puppy Consults, I'm happy to chat via phonecall about what would best suit you and your dog. 

To further support you and your dog throughout your training journey I also offer Training Walks where I will do some of the training for you ! I will take your dog out on training walks to assist with reactivity training, heelwork and recall sessions.  These work well with clients who are working and have limited time,  have mobility issues or just need some extra support.   

Dog walking on lead
Dog training

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Online Services and Video Consults

Dog on laptop
Dog on laptop

I am now offering affordable, Online, Remote Behavioural Sessions !

Advantages of online consults are that they easy to set up, are convenient and I can offer great advice and  answer any questions/worries you may have and I get to see your dog in his own home without me there as a distraction !

Online consults are very useful for working on separation anxiety but they are in fact , invaluable in helping with any issue inside the home . I also use these in conjunction with an outside session to help dogs with lead reactivity and anxiety.

Besides a video consult I also include any video training clips and online leaflets/information handouts you will need to help you and, as always, I'm easy to contact for follow up advice and support throughout

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any queries or questions you may have ..either by phone/text. email or by hitting the chat button below ! I'm happy to help with setting up the session for you 

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