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Calm Canines Wiltshire

Nancy Mills


Certified Canine Trainer and Behavioural Consultant


Online and 1-2-1 Training and Behavioural Consults

Pet and Puppy Visits, Training Walks

Force Free Scienced Based 

Kind Effective Training methods

Rescue and Reactive Dog Specialist

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dog training and behaviour
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Are you struggling with your dog ?

Do you wish they would listen to you ?

Do you find yourself constantly apologising for your dog's behaviour whether that be jumping up, pulling on the lead,  running off on walks or barking and lunging at other dogs ? 

Are you unable to leave your dog alone ?

Do you find yourself starting to resent your dog or dread taking them for a walk ?

It doesn't have to be this way and I can help you and your dog become a team ! I can teach you how to help your dog become calmer and more responsive to you.  I can help you to have a dog that trusts you and is able to and wants to listen to you

I only use up-to-date force free training methods and pride myself on being ethical, kind and effective.

I offer affordable 1-2-1 socially distanced sessions and online video consults 

I specialise in Rescue both from the UK and abroad and Canine Reactivity and Anxiety

Please take a look through my site and feel free to contact me either by phone, email or by hitting the chat button below !

dog trainer near Bath
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Tel : 07894704117

Email : Calmcanines@hotmail.com