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What is Positive Reinforcement?

Positive Reinforcement is a very effective way to train dogs.

Positive reinforcement means adding something immediately after a behaviour occurs that increases the frequency of the behaviour.

Technically speaking, the term breaks down into two parts.

Positive means something is added

Reinforcement means the behaviour continues or goes up in frequency. (If the behaviour went down instead, it’s not reinforcement).

For example, you ask a dog to sit, the dog sits, and you give him a treat (something is added). The dog is more likely to sit next time you ask (the behaviour was reinforced).

Dogs who are rewarded for behaviours are more likely to be open and enthusiastic to learning new skills and training.  They become more engaged in learning and the relationship between handler is strenghened.

Because Positive Reinforcement Training does not involve punishment dogs do not become anxious of making mistakes.  Imagine if you were learning a new skill and every time you got it wrong you got shouted at.  After a few failed attempts you would be worried about trying again.  However, if you were encouraged, guided and rewarded for each attempt you would feel more confident in trying to reach your goal.  The same is true for dogs.  Punishment and corrections in training only lead to anxiety, lack of trust in the handler and, in some cases, increased aggression.  

Positive Reinforcement is more than just handing out treats. Scientific studies suggest it is the most effective way of training our dogs and this research is continuing to improve the way we train and teach our dogs.

dog behaviourist wiltshire, Bath, Trowbridge, Warminster, Devizes, Frome

Dog Behaviourist Wiltshire

My Qualifications and Certifications 


Level 4 Advanced Diploma In Canine Behaviour

Level 3 Dipoma In Dog Training

Diploma in Animal Psychology

Level 3 Award in Puppy Training

Level 3 Award In Animal Communication

Level 3 Award in Holistic Health For Canines

Advanced Certificate in Canine Reactive Behaviour

Certificate in Canine Compulsive Disorders

Certificate in Puppy Socialisation

Certificate in Canine Anxiety 

Certificate in Dog Emotion and Cognition

I offer Affordable 1-2-1 and video consults depending on your dog's issues and can help with all kinds of issues  including:

  • Lead Reactivity (barking and lunging when out)

  • Destructive Behaviours

  • Anxiety and Nervousness

  • Shadow/light chasing/OCD's

  • Excessive  Barking

  • Destructive Behaviours

  • Over excitement

  • Reactivity in the home

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Resource guarding

I can also offer advice and help with : 

  • Rescue dogs (preparing for your new rescue, settling in, basic training and any issues that may occur)

  • New puppy (preparing for your new puppy , settling in, basic training and any issues that may occur)

  • Basic training 

  • Loose lead walking

  • Recall


I also offer Training Walks, Pet Visits and Puppy Visits 

I am recommended by Harris, Hill and Warner and Pets at Home Vets

Dog Behaviourist Wiltshire

Happy Dog

Positivity is Powerful !

Dog BEhaviourist Wiltshire

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