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A Behaviourist's Role ....

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

I'm lucky I know,,,,I love my job ! I love helping dogs and their people !

But being a Behaviourist isn't about 'fixing' dogs and sadly I really don't have a magic wand that I can wave (trust me if I did I would be waving it around the whole of the world ! )

I don't have any amazing superpowers that help me save the day !

And I'm not really a dog whisperer...I'm a dog listener... that's really my listen

To dogs

To owners

To science

And I'm teach

Sadly there are no quick fixes in behaviour but there are mini wins each day, there are strengthening of bonds between dog and owners, there are light bulb moments, understanding, determination, consistency, kindness, humour and love !

I don't promise immediate results, sometimes things just fall into place and sometimes a lot of time and commitment are needed

But I'm dedicated to helping you and your dog have the best support and guidance I can give

It's really not just a job it's a passion...

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