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Enrichment Fun !

Enrichment games are brilliant for dogs ! They provide stimulation without over arousal, encourage thinking and problem solving, help with impulse control, increase confidence and are a great way to keep your dog entertained during lockdown and beyond !

1. In this video I have used Cleo's kibble for her to find and have some plastic cups and discs

2. Shut your dog out of the room and simply arrange the cups and discs on the can scatter or place in a line/trail and put the cups upside down with a treat inside/on top of a treat /on their side with a treat inside, place the discs on top of the treats

3. Let your dog in and encourage them to 'find the treats!' .

4. You may have to help them to start with...if your dog has never played this type of game before then you will have to guide and encourage them until they understand

5. For nervous/shy dogs gently encourage them to explore the new items but don't push or force them and if they become unsure then just reward them for simply going near or sniffing the objects, take things slow and at their pace

6. Once they get good at finding the treats you can make the game a little harder but always at a level they can complete and don't become frustrated or bored at

7. Above all its about having fun,gaining confidence and skills and keeping your dog engaged and happy :)

I will be adding enrichment games weekly

Make sure your dog is supervised at all times with home made enrichment games

A great enrichment toolkit should have 3 main staples of a treat ball, kong and licky mat

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