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Let's Learn 'Focus !'

This is a fun game to help teach your dog to focus on you no matter what the temptation !

  1. Make sure you have a few tasty treats in your hand, enough for 5 repetitions

  2. Hold a treat in your hand, let your dog know you have it and hold your arm outstretched straight (like an areoplane wing), continue to hold the treat outwards whilst you dog is focusing on it

  3. Be patient ! If your dog has never played this before it may take some time for them to look at you, be watching out for even the tiniest glance in your direction and mark (reward) immediately with another treat from in your pocket.

  4. Practice this 5 times with each arm and then stop for a break

  5. You can practice this 2 - 3 times daily until your dog is really good at it

  6. Once your dog really excels at this you can increase the length of time the dog has to look at you for before getting the reward

  7. Try holding the treat in different environments/positions/places once your dog truly understands the game, this will increase the likelyhood of him being able to focus in different scenarios

  8. This game and the 'On lead leave it' are great games to encourage focus, impulse control and learning skills

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