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Let's learn 'On lead leave it !'

This is a great game to teach your dog to stay engaged with you whilst out and about and when there are distractions

1. Have your dog on a lead in a quiet area with little distraction

2. Throw a treat out in front of your dog but just out of reach

3. Allow your dog to try and get the treat but don't move forward so that they can actually reach it

4. Simply stand still and wait for your dog to stop looking/trying to reach the treat and to turn and look at you

5. Immediately reward your dog when they engage with you by looking up at you

6. Repeat a few times until your dog is fully engaged with you

7. Slowly move towards the treat, any time your dog lunges or tries to reach the treat simply stop, wait and reward your dog when they look at you again

8. Practice this a few times a day until you can throw a treat on the ground and your dog will ignore it and look up at you.

9. Once your dog is reliably checking in with you and ignoring the treat you can start to lower the amount of treats you reward with and shorten the distance between the dog and the treat.

REMEMBER..if your dog starts lunging at the treat at any time simply rewind to step 2 again

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