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Love the dog in front of you

I was emptying my kitchen bin today (yes, I should have done it yesterday instead of cramming more in), but it really got me thinking about our dogs, and the expectations we have of them. Think about it.....all the things we expect them to manage....

It's a hell of a list!

  1. Don't rummage in the bin (even though it's full of tasty morsels and aromas)

  2. Be happy home alone

  3. Be social with all people and happy to be petted by strangers

  4. Allow unknown people into their home

  5. Get on, and be sociable with other, strange dogs

  6. Listen, be obedient and well mannered in all environments

  7. Don't bark too much, be 'annoying' and attention

  8. Be happy to sleep all day whilst we are at work and then be calm and sleep all evening when we are home

  9. Learn human-centered rules and boundaries

  10. Walk nicely and calmly on the lead despite all the smells, triggers and environmental stimulation

  11. Travel well in the car

Phew! That's just some of the things we envisage our dogs doing when we get them. If your dog is struggling home alone, reactive on walks, or finds it difficult to calm down it's easy to define your dog by these things, but, we must remember all they are fabulous at.

Our dogs are amazing, each and every one of them!

Whether they are the 'dream' dog that you can leave home alone or take anywhere or the dog that needs your patience, reassurance, support, and understanding. Respect your dog's boundaries, work on their anxieties and struggles but always, always think first are you setting achievable goals, and if what you want is really going to benefit your dog.

Love your dog for who they are, not who you think they should be

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