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Lets learn Touch !

Today's enrichment learning game, Touch !

This is a great game to teach your dog, that can be used to manoeuvre your dog around without force, keep your dog close and focused on you ! Its also a great tool to use in doggy dancing !

If you have any questions please ask away!

Videos of your dog's learning can be shared in the comments section below if you sign up to my blog, its easy to do you just need an email address and a password you can remember, the link is via Covid-19 Support page, don't be shy, lets see you in action! :)

Step by step !

1 - Place a treat between your fingers (cheese is great)

2 - Hold the palm of your hand out and offer it to your dog

3 - Allow your dog to take the treat

4 - Repeat 5 times

5 - On the 6th time, present your hand with no treat, as soon as the dogs nose touches your hand, reward with a treat

6 - Repeat step 5, five times adding the cue 'Touch' each time your dogs nose touches your hand !

7 - Repeat steps one to six on the alternate hand

8 - Practice 2-3 times per day until your dog recognises the cue

Once learned this trick can be adapted, so your dog will jump up to touch, cross the room to touch, reach low to touch, through your leg, you really can get creative ! :)

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