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Why saying 'No!' to your dog is useless.

Updated: Mar 2

Humans seem to love telling their dogs 'No!'

'No, don't jump up!'

'No, don't sit on the couch!'

'No, don't run out the door!'

'No, don't chase the cat!'

'No, don't steal food off the side!'

'No, don't bark at the neighbours!'

The list of behaviours we regularly say no to as owners is endless and often projected in an angry tone.

Understandably, you don't want your dog doing all this annoying stuff. But yelling 'No!' at your dog isn't helping. Sure they may stop, for a minute, or until next time but this is not an effective long-term solution. Dogs do not talk our language therefore simply stating a word will not lead to a changed or modified behaviour.

When you yell at your dog it only teaches them one thing. That you're unpredictable and sometimes a little scary. No owner or dog parent wants their dog to feel this way.

If you don't want your dog doing something stop and think about why they are doing it

Are they;

  • Bored?

  • Hungry?

  • Excited?

  • Curious?

  • Nervous?

  • Frightened?

  • Confusion?

There's always a reason behind behaviour.

Offering alternative behaviours, managing environmental stimulants, and ensuring you are meeting your dog's needs will all help reduce unwanted behaviours.

So next time your dog jumps up at the kitchen side, don't yell 'No!'. Think about what's driving the behaviour, and how can you change using a positive approach.

Let's stop yelling and start teaching.

For advice and help please contact me for a consultation.

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